Help please


Apr 13, 2011
Hi forum,

I'm a university student and I'm looking for a tablet that I can input math into, from math lectures with a pen (stylus). A bit like paint, but instead of using your finger to draw, using a stylus.

I'm currently looking at a 10'' Epad tablet, obviously being student I can't really afford an iPad. Could someone please confirm for me that this type of tablet (LINK) can accept input from a stylus. If not, can anyone recommend one that could. Basic requirements besides the stylus input are a modest battery life (4+ hours), around a 10'' size tablet, and the ability to play games and browse the internet would be nice.

Regards, Ollie.
well if it needs a stylus then I would reccomend a resistive touch screen rather than capacitive (it will save you some money too) the pad you have linked too has just such a screen ergo it will function using a stylus. However I should note that while I like the pad youre looking at, its a bit pricey for what it is...135 pounds is about a bit over 200 dollars American. It may be the screen size, processor, and GPS using it. here is a pad mattching those specs (actually i think it has an even bigger internal memory) for much less than that price: 10.2" Epad Flytouch3 Android2.2 Tablet PC WIFI GPS HDMI | eBay