HELP! Pressed the reset button on my 8" Android 2.2.

the problem of stuck in touchscreen calibration was happened to my china tablet, too. is anyone can help me?
Just keep rubbing over the spots until they move

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hello i also can't go on with this tablet for calibration touch scree. i can't get off or switch off...if i do soft reset it start again with touchscreen calibration...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Normally you would tap the point and it should just go forward. In this case, I think your touchscreens are so poor that it is not calibrating.

There is a touchscreen calibration file on stock devices in /etc/ that might resolve this issue
Just use a small paper clip to insert into "reset" hole for about 10 seconds.
The screen will come back .

Same issue.
I recently purchased the Android tablet MHK802 made by Cupor Digital.
The first day it worked fine.
The second day it is getting stuck at the screen “Touchscreen Calibration” I touch the screen when the + appears and then the screen fades away to be black?
I have used the master reset a few times but the same problem keeps persisting.
I have just been in touch with the manufacturer who I believe is Cupor Digital in China. (????????????). I have been on skype with Tracy and this is what she has said...
"our engineer said the touch screen is not working any more, the only solution is u need to return it to the seller and change a new the seller sell to you is for retail, for us, we are a factory who is doing wholesale or distribute and technical support.
for this problem, the only way is u need to return it to the seller and change a new one. that is not technical issue."
Look like I'll be getting my money back...
Finally I have fixed my touchscreen issue.

From my research it looks like the problem can be 1 of 2 issues:

1. Hardware Failure
2. Software Failure

In my case it turned out to be software (yay!)

What I had to do was copy a new image onto my utopia aPad.

I followed these instructions:
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The Basic Steps are:

Download usbit
Download an android .img
Open aPad
Take out micro SD card
Plug micro SD card into computer (with card reader)
Back up SD Card with usbit (just in case)
Restore downloaded android .img to SD card
Put it all back together

After that my aPad has been running like a dream.