Help With Identifying APAD EPAD Model / Planning to Upgrade FW


Dec 29, 2010
Bought as a 7" iRobot APad iPed Epad Google Android Tablet WIFI Touch Screen

256mb memory
Model number : generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build # : WMT2.0

What I need to do
1) Update the firmware if available
2) Install Andriod Market
3) Root it (if possible)

Works great , does not have Google Android Market, works for my 10 year old who received it as a Christmas present, just looking for the same apps that are accessible from my eris/foyo 2.2.1. Would like to ID this apad to possibly update FW. System info below, only has one (1) button on face of device which is the power/menu button, SDcard slot, 30p USB slot, headphone slot, M/R and the AC plug socket. The user manual is title MID User Manual in English only. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Build Info
Android 1.6
Release Codename: REL
API Level: 4
CPU ABI: armeabi
Manufacturer: Unknown
Board: Unknown
Brand: Generic
Device: Generic
Display: Donut.eng.howayhuo.20100910.134417
Fingerprint: generic/generic/generic/:1.6/Donut/eng.howayhuo.20100910.134417/:user/test-keys
Host: szmce12
ID: Donut
Model: generic
Product: generic
Tags: test-keys
Type: user
User: howayhuo

Processor: ARM926Ej-S rev 5(v5l)
BogoMIPS: 174.48
Hardware WMT
CPU Architecture: 5TEJ


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Hi Bpostell, may be you have identified your Android Tablet. I have a chiniese Android 1.7 type VIA VI8505 ARM926 450MHz, Resolution 800X480. Its really slow and do not have all the applications. I would like to know if I can make an upgrade? If so where can I get them and how to get it done? Can I down load on Tablet and open the software. Looks like everything is limited. I would be grateful if you could help me with this issue.
Thank you,