Help with M701-R Tablet


Dec 14, 2010
Ok so I just recieved my M701-R...i really got it just so I can have something a little bigger than my cell phone to use NBA League Pass my dismay as soon as I got it, for some reason NBA League Pass Mobile isn't even available for download from the market...I figured it was because it isn't on an official carrier. Either way I found an apk for the League Pass Mobile and loaded it. Once it starts I get the typical screen but it said it was blacked out do to not being able to find location. I then found a Location Spoofing program...and I thought it worked, because the next time I loaded the NBA program I can click "Watch Game"....but then it would give a "Failed to load video" error. I've since rooted and plan to change to a Cyanogen mod so that I can be sure it isn't anything with the firmware....anyone else have any ideas or work-arounds? Thanks.
I dont have a work around but does the league pass need android 2.2 to work because that could be the cause of the problem also i am running cyanogen 6.1 on my m701r right now and it doesnt support any video so i dont think that would work unless they have upgraded the rom sense i installed it. But if you do decide to flash cyanogen i suggest making a nandroid backup as soon as you get clockwork recovery working on your device before you do anything else. If you do end up doing a stock nandroid backup would you mind sharing it with me. I got to excited to flash cyanogen and try it i didnt make a stock backup. But best of luck
ok so i've done a little more research and while I didn't jump to cyanogen mod...I decieded to take a different approach. I went ahead and used titanium backup to backup and move the NBA league pass mobile files from my Evo to my Android tab. I then restored and the files pretty much loaded like normal but when i go to start watching it starts and then kicks me back out into the main menu. it's annoying...i'm so close. I'll keep everyone informed. and of course if anyone can think of anything let me know. I just can't beleive it's this difficult. My NFL sunday ticket works perfect, I can't beleive I'm the only one trying to watch NBA games on my
I have been trying to help you but the problem is i only have cyanogen on my m701r and like i said it wont work on there. So if you can make a nandroid backup of the stock firmware for the tablet and send it to me i can give you more assistance but as of right now i am limited
ok...not a problem. I will work on it and have it to you in the next day or two. you know...holidays and all that. thanks.