Help with Neutab N9


Junior Member
Jun 18, 2014
Hi there!

I bought a Neutab N9 for a project i'm looking at starting. I'm trying to get it so only one app runs on the device, from when it boots up. I tried rooting it using this method:

Root RK3066/ Rockchip 3066 easy method - xda-developers

and proceeded to have a problem: superuser and busybox install fine when i flash them through CWM, but they aren't on the device anywhere. When I install superuser from the Play Store, it gives me the error "No SU binary installed". I also have no root access or anything. Can someone help? I'm pretty desperate.

Also, going forward, what's the best way to make it so only one app runs at startup?

Thank you so much in advance for your support.