Hi Friends.


Mar 26, 2013
Hi Friends.

I am an online seller located in Canada.

I sell all type of things, but don't really have expertise in Android Tablet market.

I get a lot of questions from my buyers about the Generic Android Tablets that are readily available from China and need assistance from the experts on this forum.

Thank you.
Welcome to the forum

There is a lot to learn here and lots of help but much of it is specific to a particular brand of tablet. Not all have the same version of Android and not all work the same even though they technically may have the same feature set. Generic China tablets can be especially difficult since they tend to do their own thing and many are not registered with Google.

With that said, if you have a specific issue, ask away.
Hi Azutrum,

Welcome to the forum. Nice of you to become a member of Android Tablets.

I'd suggest you refer your buyers directly to the forum rather than trying to act as a go between. The last time I checked, we still had room for a few more members.:rolleyes:

Meanwhile, why don't you take one of those tablets off the shelf and get into the fun yourself? You'll probably enjoy it and learn enough through experience to be able to deal with your customer's concerns/problems more proficiently. Maybe even sell more tablets.:cool:

Thanks, I am doing that with some of my return products. I will be doing searches on the forum for more information. About Device option has different information for different tablets and I was wondering if there was a database with a list of this information, make/model list sort of. But as you mentioned generic tablets may have inconsistent systems.

Currently really having problems with wifi inconsistency with connections and doing some research on that.

I was wondering if there was a database with a list of this information, make/model list sort of.

AFAIK There isn't a list like that. You'd have to Google the tablets individually and create one that way or gather the information from the manufacturer's websites and/or promotional materials. Even then, with the generic tablets, there's no guaranty the hardware and software are consistent throughout a model run. For whatever reason, they sometimes change the system and/or components and what's in your tablet will depend on when it was manufactured. Even though they're all listed as the same make/model. This can get real exciting for a developer who's trying to create a custom ROM for the tablet.
When you take into account the huge number of different ARM processors and the fact that some tablets have front facing cameras and others don't and some Android tablets come with modifications from the manufacture the possibilities of the different combinations runs well into the millions,. It would be impossible to create a list. Just a list of the companies making Android tablets (many nobody has ever head about before) would run a couple pages.