Hello ---- Newbie to the forum and Android Tablet


Feb 12, 2012
Hello to all..

I have just purchased an Iconia 500 Tablet and am looking to this forum for some help. I like the tablet so far, but am having some difficulty with Skype. I will be posting a question hopefully in the right spot, looking for expert assistance from the community.

I am located in beautiful Vancouver BC Canada, where currently, I must admit, is not so beautiful with the rain.

Cheers to all!
Hello Burger2go, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on the new Iconia 500. Glad you decided to become a member of the forum, nice to have you here. Whenever you need anything for the Acer, just click this link to the Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum and post your questions there. Enjoy your tablet and the forum!