Jan 20, 2011
So, I dont follow the news on this stuff all that well but im sure somebody here does. What are the hardware requirements for honeycomb and do our s7s fit them?

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Hey, I'm still waiting on some FROzen YOgurt and would be happy with that. LOL But to answer your question, its been reported that Honeycomb ideally needs to run on a dual core proc - so that pretty much leaves the S7 on the outside looking in.
yeah froyo will be nice if it ever actually happens. Any way to get flash on here if I root?

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Use skyfire is the best you will get for now. It has some limited support.
I'm pretty sure that google came out and said the claims honeycomb would need a dual core were unfounded. But that it would def benefit from one.

We need a working recovery before we can get custom roms on this yet though.

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if honeycomb will run on the nook color it should run fine on the s7, first we need to get a custom recovery working ,then aosp for honeycomb to come out, people are working on a custom kernel now so it should all fall into place sometime.
Honeycomb v3.
First glance
sluggish response - definitely need to OC when available
Youtube -loads but doesn't play
Angry Bird - works!!
Nook Apk - did not work
Kindle Apk - sluggish