Hoopla Audio Books won't play


Junior Member
Jul 27, 2014
Hello. I've never used any similar Apps. I recently got a library card and downloaded the Hoopla App to access Ebooks. It turns out they are audio Books but I was okay with giving them a try. I dont have desktop and my only device is my Acer Iconia a500. I downloaded the audio book and couldn't find the file. Finally I got throughout Hoopla tech support and discovered the only way to view the borrowed movies or listen to the audio Books on the tablet is through their App. The audio won't play. I get a message that an unexpected error occurred. The tech asked me to reinstall the app but that didn't help. I also tried downloading a second book. This won't play either. Any ideas what can be going wrong? I don't understand the workings and all the technical stuff. Is there any way to run a diagnostic to see if I'm missing anything? I can hear Netflix streaming just fine so it shouldn't have anything do with audio, or so I would think. Other people must use this App to rent movies and audio Books from their libraries so I am hoping someone can help.