How do I get Play Store onto Klu LT8036 tablet


Aug 27, 2010
Bought a Klu LT8036 tablet by Curtis and noticed it doesn't come with the Google Play Store. Anyone know how I can install it onto this thing? Thanks.
Hu Jacatone. You must first get a Gmail account. Then you go to the Google Play store and create an account using a credit card you own. Now you don't have to buy anything unless you want to as a lot of apps are free but the better ad free ones may cost a few dollars. You can then add the Google play app to your tablet and browse the apps from there or your PC in fact, I recommend you use a PC to create an account then you can add your tablet to your account that way, plus it's probably more secure that way. Good luck!
OK, that's done. What app would I install from the Play Store to give me the Play store?