How do you tell if you rooted the nexus 7 right or not


Dec 7, 2012
Good evening.. I bought a Nexus 7 and when I got it home I rooted it and is there any way to see if I did it right? It seemed everything went right and when I go into my system on my computer it shows it not as nexus 7 but as Android Composite ADB Interface

But when I try to install something that needs to be rooted it never installs right .. How can I tell if I rooted it right?

Thank you in advance..

Im trying android for the first time over my I phone and Its a whole new world..Im
thank you J515op It said NOPE it wasnt rooted properly back to the drawing board lol
I did it right this time but it is saying there are updates for the tablet will doing the updates ruin the root? Or is is worry free
Did everything I could till I got to system directory have no idea where to even start to I should have stayed on the dark side with my But I do thank you for the help
I am curious.. if the N7 is running the current android version already.. with no overlay such a touchwiz or anything like that.. why would it need to be rooted?
I understand wanting to get rid of manufacturer overlays.. and provider bloatware.. but am curious why you would on one like this.
Hi i use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper to keep the root when updates come out download from play and follow instructions