[How] to deal with Top Plastic Layer lifting up


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Aug 4, 2010
Mine was lifting up and one area was near the camera on the left side. Then dust and dirt would get onto the main touch LCD panel making you think you and dead pixels. Well the best way to take care of this is?

1. you need to get two-sided narrow tape
2. microfiber clothes
3. eyeglass lens cleaner with anti-static

Best way to handle this is to slowly lift off the plastic layer. Once you take that off there should be some two-sided tape on it. In my case only 3 sides had the two-sided tape. Best to start and clean off the touch panel LCD with the microfiber cloth an eyeglass lens cleaner with anti-static. You just don't want to get anymore dust or dirt onto the panel.

Make sure you remove all the older two-sided tape on all 4 sides or inspect it to see how sticky it is. As when you go back to reapply to the tablet it you want make sure nothing can sneak back underneath it causing spots.

Around the button area I had applied around 4 strips of two-sided tape since that gets the most worked area. All other sides can use one long strip but around the camera you should use two strips of two-sided tape.

Once your all set, pull off the top layer of the two-sided tape now your should be all set. At the China Factory whoever assemblies top plastic layers had stuck the two-sided tap on it instead on the device.

Now carefully place the top plastic layer back on the tablet make sure you have all the dust or dirt off both sides before you start this process. There is no turning back. Well yeah you could pull up again. Not going to be easy to do though. Anyway once you start to press back on the top plastic layer onto the tablet make sure you press out any air bubbles also.

Now you should a better looking tablet again without the top layer plastic lifting off from it.


Jan 13, 2011
I have used spirit gum. It is the stuff that actors use to stick on beards with.
Clean up the area as per Tipstir's instructions. Try not to bend the plastic back too much, or you will get lines showing when you stick the plastic down.
Use a small artist paint brush to apply it. Paint it as thinly as you can and work quickly as the glue goes off fairly rapidly.
Do not go right to the edge with it, as when you press the plastic back down it will ooze out of the edge.
Hold it in place with gentle pressure for 30 seconds and done.
If you mess it up you can just rub the glue off and try again.


Mar 25, 2011
my grandson ripped it off and crumpled it up... where can I can replacement sheet?