How to get Coby Kyros MID7012-4G to read USB mass storages?

Jan 16, 2012
Hey guys,

I just want to know how I can connect my mass storage to my Kyros 7012-4G. I have all the chords necessary for physical connection, but my tablet wont acknowledge that it is connected. Help, please?

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You want to connect an external disk to your tablet? It will work as long as it's formatted in FAT32 and it doesn't require much power from USB (HD's with no power supply won't work, for instance). For thumb drives, simply connect them to the tablet using the provided OTG cable and it should work. For some reason, some will work while some won't. Maybe a compatibility or power usage issue...

Edit: you may need to disable debug in Settings -> Applications for it to work.
It's actually a camera that is read as a mass storage device on my laptop. I will definitely have to try your suggestion, thank you for your response. :)

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It should work, simply use the provided cable and set the camera to behave as an storage device. Not sure where it is mapped on Telechips based tablets like 7012, but using a file manager you should be able to find it, maybe a folder inside the /sdcard partition.