How to read pdf's on Lenovo P12 without internet?


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Mar 9, 2012
I just want a simple tablet for reading books, mainly pdf's, and don't want anything to do with google or other aspects of the Blob. I read that the Lenovo P12 was a good choice for reading books, so, perhaps foolishly, I bought one. Charged it up, plugged in a flash drive containing a pdf, figured I could read it.
Well, sort of I can, tho pieces of it shift around kind of randomly. plugged it into my desktop computer and copied over some more pdf's. Android can't find them (or, perhaps more accurately, I can't get android to find them.)
My understanding of software is that you get a file and install it. Is it possible to do this with android? Or must you connect directly to a "store" on the net?
TIA for any suggestions.


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Jun 16, 2012
The best thing is to connect to the Play Store. There are alternatives such as Amazon's appstore. If all you want is a PDF viewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader should be available either from their site, or from