HTC's Nexus 9 Tablet Could Come Before October 9th


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Jan 5, 2011

Sometimes that's the nature of the blogosphere, it hits you with a ton of rumors and innuendo all at once. There's new rumint regarding the Nexus 9 from HTC. Supposedly the internal codename for the device is the HTC T1. Furthermore, there is a new report suggesting it will be announced before October 9th.

If this is true, it would suggest that Google is ahead of schedule with Android L. This would be a departure from their typical MO of releasing the new Android and the new Nexus devices in late October.

Of course, this might make sense since the specs of this Nexus 9 tablet are rumored to push into the high-end. It would be a shrewd move on Google's part to launch a direct competitor to the next iPad Air before Apple launches their newest version.

Source: BGR