[Rumor] Motorola, LG & HTC All Making Nexus Devices; HTC Nexus Phone Image Included


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Jan 5, 2011

This news is so strange we have a hard time swallowing it here at DF HQ, but it's also so hot, we just had to report it, in case it's true. Supposedly, Motorola won't be the only manufacturer to release a Nexus smartphone this year. According to this report, Motorola, LG and even HTC could all be offering Nexus devices. The picture above is supposedly the leaked press image of this HTC Nexus phone.

This report also suggested a different possibility though. That is that the Motorola device will not be the Nexus 6, but the HTC device will. Instead, the devices from Motorola and LG could be the rumored Android Silver devices. Either way, whether Nexus or Android Silver, it appears that all three manufacturers will have something on hand and the big reveal will be between October 7th-October 9th. This meshes nicely with the October 8th Google Android L announcement rumor we shared yesterday.

From NVIDIA court documents we reported on last week an HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet is basically confirmed. Additional speculation suggests that LG is making another Nexus phone and a tablet too (although, again, they could end up being Android Silver named devices).

We suggest you take this with a grain of salt, but we will keep an eye out for any additional corroboration to confirm this intel. One thing is for sure, it's going to be a tough three weeks to wait for Google's announcement!

Source: TKTechNews