Huawei S7 Owners Thread

Hi all,

Bought my S7 a couple weeks ago and love it. Rooted and running Singapore rom.
Hi All - I've had my S7 just a few days and so far I'm really liking it. Still trying to figure everything out, best Apps to use, etc. I have a Samsung Transform so an Android Tablet was very appealing to me and the cost of the S7 was what really made me select it.


LoBuck - Arizona, US
overall I think the device is fine, but after Samsung Captivate phone, hard to get used to this one as the screen is not so smooth to finger moves and the keyboard is hard aswell

so far i rate it 6/10
I got my S7 just about a week ago. So far, I really like it. Still learning all the terminology of Android and Linux. Don't know anything about "Singapore ROM" nor do know how I'd get it/install it, etc. I'll keep reading and learning.
I've had mine about 3 weeks. I love it. I have it rooted and the Singapore ROM installed. I'm learning more each day.
I'm still reading the forums and trying to decide what to do next. When people ask me what it is,
my initial reply is "It's a Texas IPhone!" Then I tell them the truth.
Just don't let people call it an iPad.

iPad is a 4-letter word! It's not even spelled correctly (Proper names start with a CAPITAL LETTER.)

There are useful things in this world that are not made by Apple.
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I remember the old days when I was a Commodore Computer freak. We always said that Commodore was the one that took the bite out of the apple.
But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!
I traded my Commodore 64 and the 128 to my favourite cousin for a new Microsoft Intellimouse. :( It was free anyway. Then I gave him my two Atari 800s too. then I bought a PC clone.
Remember when a used hard drive would go for a dollar a meg. Gee, a terabyte drive would $1,000,000.00 at that rate. I'm Glad things got cheaper! :)
OK, I have the Singapore ROM installed, my S7 is rooted, I have Busybox installed and
Titanium Backup is working.

I am happy with the operation as it is now, but I would like to know what is
the next best step to take. Any assistance is appreciated!

Thanks, Dave
s7=104 (bestbuy)
singapore rom, z4rooted, link2sd, clockwork mod,adw launcher (ironman theme, lol), gingerbread keyboard. used system app remover to get rid of emotion bloatware, twidroid, and home (default launcher).ready for a new rom as soon as someone gets a good working one going! tired of waiting on Huawei for one!
oh yeah, it clocks at 998! :cool:
My first PC had 640K RAM, a 25 MHz CPU, a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive, and a 20 MB hard drive, and cost $1800. Upgrading to 4MB RAM cost $500.

Look how far things went.

Now we have computing devices with 256 Megs RAM and 40,000 MB extended storage that fit in the shirt pocket, so you can "do stuff" all the time, even while driving your car! My first PC filled the trunk, almost. The only thing that hasn't improved is the PC User (most anyway.) Maybe we could 'flash' certain people with an upgraded OS? lol
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This is a screenshot of 1 of my S7's. Rooted,thx to the forum. Still playing but love this tablet.

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I keep wondering every time I see the word rooted. Is it OK to leave the device in a rooted state, or is there some chance of malicious work happening? There might be one or two app on my device that require root access, but I probably rarely or never use those apps (like System app remover, or My Backup root)
rooting DOES expose your device to a higher level of threat than a non-rooted device, but the odds of something being done are rather small. The real threat is if you have converted your device from S-ON to S-OFF as this unlocks the security of the NAND partition and exposes your /system and ./flash partitions.