I need help picking out a android tablet


Dec 11, 2010
Hello evryone,,
I am looking for a tablet for my daughter. There are so many out I am finding it hard to decide which one to buy...
She wants to be able to watch movies,listen to music, read books, do some of her homework on it, camera if possible, something fairly easy to use. I am looking for something around 200.00, it doesn't matter what size the screen is. Would like 2.1 or 2.2 android, I just have never had or been aroind anyone that has one, so I know nothing about them.
I have been looking on ebay and many other sites. Can anyone help me, I am trying to get this for a Christmas present and time is running short. I am just completely lost.:rolleyes:
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Jul 9, 2010
Especially because you are a first time buyer, I suggest you shop locally for one.

The best bet for you with all the features you need is the Archos 70 or the 101. They are a little out of your price range. Refer to my guide to get started.

As for your list.
1) Haipad M701 - one of the most popular alternatives on the market today from China
2) Generic IMX515 - beta quality Android tablet that is more for the tech savvy, at least at the moment. There's many duds out there for this particular tablet.
3) ZT180 - decent 10" device, but history of issues especially with early revisions. Passable if you know what you are getting.
4) Haven't tried this one in particular. New on the market. Passable low-end device?


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Nov 26, 2010
fitwind: I checked out the URLs you posted above, and here are my comments:

The 7" Android 2.1 tablet is a very nice. For the price of $149, that is quite hard to beat. It's a plus that it can access the official Google Market, and G-sensor support. I was unable to decide if this was a resistive single touch or multi-touch. I'm guessing single touch.

The 8" Android 2.2 tablet is nice, but I have seen those exact tablets cheaper at other places. The $226 price, for me, is over priced. Although it is a nice tablet running Froyo.

The other 8" Android 2.2, with Texas Instrument CORTEX A8 CPU, is a nice... but again (personally) I can't justify the price of $238.

It all depends if you want to spend $220+ or $140. If you want to spend less.. get the 7".. if you want to spend more get the 8" Android 2.2 with 512MB of RAM. You can get it cheaper other places, but if you like Euogo.. go for it!

I hope that helps.. mind you these are just my opinions and someone else could completely disagree with me.. all is fine :)


Dec 11, 2010
Xaueios..... Ohhh I really do like the Archos 70.... is there anything that comes close to that in a 200.00 dollar price range???
I would shop locally but nothing is really around here, my best bet is buying on the interent, or ebay... ebay has so many I dont know really what i am looking at... reading your getting started

Feverhost, Thank you very much I will take another look at the 149.00 tablet


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Aug 1, 2010
I want a tablet also and have been looking at Archos 101. I would like 2.2 Android and Andorid Market. The Notion Adam Ink seems cool but I am not familiar with them. TPGA-EPad seems ok too but never heard of eugo.com. I want capacative touch screen. I want something just like my Sprint EVO but in a 10 inch screen. I want to watch movies and videos and listen to music and play Wpord Feud and Angry Birds and more. I would like to spend about 2-300. I may try the Archos cause I know you can side load the marketplace and I had an Archos before. I like the kickstand which my old Archos had and my EVO cellphone has one. I read Acer is coming out with a tablet also. I may wait till the 1st of the year and see what else comes out. I just joined here recently to read up on them. i belong to the Archos foum also from way back when I bought an Archos Video/MP3 player. I want tone to use just on Wifi also no 3 G and data charges..


Dec 13, 2010
as you may concerned, there are many online stores selling android tablets.
as far as i know, ********** is holding the coolest collection of android tablets and most importantly, the price is lowest.
hope my advice could help.