Install apps in SD CARD?


Jun 5, 2011
Hey guys,

I'm kinda new here and also with android so I know just a little. So forgive my ignorance. :)

okay so I bought a new class4 16gb microSD card recently for my iconia and here are my concerns:

- how can I install apps into my SD card from the market or wherever? (i installed apps2sd and move2sd and I don't know how do they work)
- when I connect my tablet via USB, it only just recognizes the internal storage, not the additional 16gb.

**my tablet isn't rooted and I don't plan to unless I really don't have any other choice coz I really don't want to brick my iconia since they dont have these yet in my country so im afraid I will have no support here. I bought mine from US and Im from Philippines.**

can somebody please help me with this coz I've already googled some and I read something about partitioning the SD card into an ext2 (until now, I didn't know such format existed for SD cards) for the apps and the usual FAT32 for the media files etc. I just need some help and clarifications on this one.

Thank you very much.
Android 3.0.1 does not support installing apps on your SD card. You'll need to wait for the push of 3.1 which is supposed to happen by the end of june.

Yeah, when you plug your PC into the USB port you can only see the internal SD. Another thing to wait for 3.1 to fix. In the meantime, get a file manager from the market. I use astro.
Get a file manager, Astro works. Go to \mnt (mnt is short for mount).

The on board memory is sdcard, the sd card is external_sd, and if have you something in the usb port it will be usb_storage.
So the paths are:


Apps go on the internal memory, aka sdcard. There isn't a partition, so the only limit is your on board 14.4GB of memory.

The system memory area will see both drives, so you can always see how much you are using.
There's no need to move apps to SD. There's plenty of space in internal. The sdcard does not have full read/write capabilities yet.
aww. Thanks for the help guys! really appreciate it. Guess i'll just have to wait for the 3.1 update then. :)

@Droid-Xer - how do you thank in a post? coz i see you've already thanked 3 times in 3 posts. hehe. tnx again! :)
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