Installing a new locale + backup + RAM iphone storage only 2GB ?


Dec 20, 2010
dear Comunity

I bought yesterday a Samsung Galaxy Tab, 7, running android 2.2
I come from Windows Mobile device, I was loyal for 8 years to Microsoft. I just made this shift, so far I am happy but I have some worries and questions:

1. Locale and text
under settings, locale and text > I cannot find English Ireland and Italian...
How to add these 2 locales?

2. Only 2GB for programs?
Under settings > SD card and phone storage I see:
- Internal Memory: 12.66GB
- Internal Phone Storage: 1.77GB
- External SD card 14.92 GB (this is my 16GB micro SD card which I separately bought 2 days ago)
when I install a new application from market place the device does NOT ask me where to put it (among these 3 storage areas)

I got the impression that all apps go to the smallest area (Internal Phone Storage, 1.77GB) which will surely shrink a lot, as I plan to transfer memory-intensive and consuming applications, like TTS, dictionaries (with big databases), medical dictionaries, etc.

Where exactly my apps are installed?
Is there a way to force app to be install to external SD card? or on a storage OTHER than phone internal storare (1.77GB)?

3. Swype
My Samsung Galaxy tab comes with swype in English, Chinese, and other languages which I do not need (Malay, Thai, Indonesian, etc).
I have two questions:
1. how to add Italian module? Is it possible?
2. How to remove not relevant languages?

4. Upgrade to Android 2.3:
- when the upgrade will be available? An estimate?
- will the unit be upgradable?
- if yes, do I need to re-install all softwares, appls and resync my contact database?

5. In Windows Mobile I used SPB for backing up all my phone settings, data, contacts database, task dB, calendar dB
Is there something similar here?

6.I also used to connect my wm 6.3 HTC phone to my Win x64 PC via a USB cable and a link softare called WMDC Windows Mobile Device Center

Now I was told to use KIES: Is there anything better? KIES CANNOT even detect my phone! Probably because of incompatibility with Win 7 x64

7. If I succeed to connect my Samsung Android tab to Win 7 which software free or commercial is the best to
- FULLY BACKUP my phone, including all apps, settings, databases?

8. which is the best app to sync with Outlook 2010 x32? Sorry I do not use gmail, as I need a localized application, since I often work offline and additionally I am too used and expert of Outllok 2010.
I used to work with funambol, but at this stage it is NOT a complete product yet,as it was for windows mobile devices.

9. Android Market is a good tool to vie and buy software, but it is so slow compared to appstore.
Is there an alternative way, like browsing the android market via PC?
Are there drawbacks? ...I was told that via PC I can only visualize a small subset of available this true?

Thanks a lot and waiting for your feedback!


Dec 20, 2010
I have 3 more questions:

10. Cable
I noted that the power charger and the USB cable are 100% identical to those of my iPad: but when I used my iPad charger + cable it does NOT charge my samsung. Does anybody know why?

Is there a risk of damaging samsung device if I, inadvertedly, exchange the two cables, the Samsung calbe and the iPad cable (they are both black).

In my working place the WiFi is under repair and the only connections is now wired LAN. I connect my PC to the LAN cable and I can browse Internet and send email. I then connect my PC to my Galaxy and it seems that it also can browse internet, though with frequent drops of signal.

How to interpret this? My PC is feeding internet to my device? (note that I have removed my SIM card...I am sure my samsung is NOT using my SIM card to access Internet, nor GPRS or other low speed internet access methods)... What puzzle me is that my iPad CANNOT access internet when connected by wire to my Win7 PC, but Samsung Galaxy, which is much similar, (same cable), can...what am I missing here?

Thanks a lot and merry Xmas!