Installing Gapps in official android 2.2 on M701 2Gb


Nov 18, 2010
disclaimer: use these instructions carefuly. improper use can cripple your pad so that you need to re install your firmware, damage your recovery (if you flash the wrong or a damaged file) or simply have no effect at all or damage our pad permanently on other firmwares and devices...
You use these instructions on your own risk!

- ADB must be installed and working on your computer
- i use 'ADB File Explorer' to browse the m701 from my PC.
- you have to know how to open and use the command line on your computer.

1. install clockworkmod recovery.
get the clockworkmod batch installer for your pad HERE (Index of /clockworkmod)
get the latest clockworkmod recovery image for your pad from the most current directory from HERE (Index of /experimental)
unpack both inside the directory where you have adb.exe overwrite the recovery.m701.img from the 1st download with the new one.
connect your pad via USB.
run the 'install_recovery.bat'
your Pad should boot into the recovery mode.
Make a backup ;)
reboot the Pad.

2. remove eoemarket (it crashes for me every time i download something from the market)
connect the pad via USB
run 'ADB File Explorer'
click 'remount'
Browse to '/data/data/' and press the '-' icon to remove the directory competely (check in the popup box if you delete the right directory!)
Browse to '/system/app/eoemarket.apk' and press the '-' icon to remove the app (check in the popup box if you delete the right app!)
close 'ADB File Explorer'
reboot your Pad.

3. install new google maps 5.0.0:
use the command line and change into your ADB directory.
'adb remount'
'adb shell'
'rm /system/app/Maps.apk'
'cd /system/bin'
'sh pm uninstall'
push 'STRG + C' to exit.
'adb reboot'
after the pad has rebooted start the Market and search for 'Google Maps'.
//EDIT: there is a update for google streetview. after installing that streetview crashed all the time. i uninstalled it and still had the streetview option. now i was able to use the arrows on the flor to navigate the streets without crashing.

4. enable 'Skype' to run on the m701.
connect the pad via USB
run 'ADB File Explorer'
click 'remount'
Browse to '/system'
copy the 'build.prop' file to your computer
open the 'build.prop' file in a editor
find the line '' and change =1 to =0
save the file and push it back to your pad.
close 'ADB File Explorer'
reboot your Pad
open the Market, search for 'Skype'
install it, log into your account, enjoy.
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Hmm.. okay.
why have these topics now been merged? '^^
marcelo.m.maia asks for a guide to install Google applications on the official 2.2 release
the guide i posted is for the official 2.1 release #181 and covers some small fixes i collected.

btw. thank you to the developers for clockworkmod recovery, and for two sources i do not recal for infos on fixing the Google maps update problem and the skype (and some other) bugfix!
Curious question: How does the official 2.2 release from telechips performs against the team telechips cyanogen mod build? Does it has video acceleration enabled?
whoops, sorry, i have missed the new post on this topic.
Cyanogenmod 2.2 on Telechips 8902 has no video acceleration and no 3D acceleration.
But you can install google apps without too much hassle. still it is missing Statusbar softkeys.
Official has both accelerations but also has no softkeys, it is very unstable and it is a pain to install and activate google apps (especialy the market)