Irulu 7" Android 4.0 OS


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Sep 26, 2010
I was trying to recharge my Irulu tonight and noticed that the battery strength reading stayed ot 73% and didn't go any higher. I don't remember this happening before (had it for several months now).
Should the Irulu be turned off in order to recharge or can it be left on?
I was using a Tremt portable battery charger and even thought the battery indicatore said "recharging," the 73% didn't increase.
Same thing happened when I switched over to AC charging.
I then re-attached the Trent and didn't turn on the Irulu and then after after 15 minutes I turned on the Irulu and saw it was now at 100%.
Does anyone know what is going on and how the Irulu should be recharged (ON or OFF)?
BTW. I notice that the very small LED on top of tablet (next to power switch) is sometime BLUE and sometimes RED. Just what do these two colors mean?
Thank you and any help appreciated.


Jan 10, 2013
from what im told,
BLUE means hardware problem,
Red means charging
I had the Pipo S1, the guy I bought it from told me about this.
he also sold the tablet you have.