Irulu 7" Tablet Won't Go Past Flashing IRULU Sign

Taz Man

Junior Member
Aug 28, 2014
Out of the clear my tablet just wont start past the flashing IRULU sigh . model AK313 Android version 4.2.2 frimware v1.2. I have tried holding the up and down button and power on but it just stays a black screen. I am a disable Nam vet and only play a few games on here. Can youplease help me get this running as it is mu "fun" time..Thanks

ps i do remember before it "crashed" a bunch of little boxes were popping up saying something like"gmail not available", "google" not working" and a few more but they were just leaving after i click "OK". I don't know if this will help anyone out there that can save my poor machine. Thanks again
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