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The Playbook is a superb tablet. I own an asus transformer, a galaxy tab and have used the ipad2 extensively. The Playbook is my favourite with the Transformer a close second. But RIM has made some real blunders marketing this unit. For example, the name - "Playbook". Who can take a product seriously when it is named "play"- anything? I understand that the original name was "Blackpad". They should have stuck with it. It is a serious tablet that can be used for play. Not the other way around.

I don't think that access to android apps will be detrimental to the 'Blackpad' :D. In fact it may well work to the benefit of the brand. Being able to access two sources of apps is not a bad thing and the list of Blackberry apps is pretty pitiful!

As far as the machine itself is concerned, the word 'slick' comes to mind. The operating system is very very good and if anything, smoother than the ipad. With the release of the new OS, now rumoured to be February of 2012 and all the changes and additions it promises, the 'Blackpad' will be a force to be reckoned with.

Now the real question is; "How did RIM manage to screw up this fine product so thoroughly?". That awful name; releasing it before even the OS was complete; promising delivery dates and then failing to meet them; price point and a corporate philosophy of ignoring all public input seems to have done the job. Today, 05, January 2012, it was reported in the press that, the two boobs who run Rim are about to be relieved of their positions. This is definitely a start, but the whole company needs a house cleaning in order to correct what is wrong.

All that being said, if you are thinking of a 'Blackpad' run out now and take advantage of the special pricing available. You will be happy you did.
I'll add that I also think the PB hardware is excellent and the OS is pretty solid.. BUT either needs to run android apps, or it needs to be trivial to port android apps to playbook so that developers will do it... Right now there's not much at all on the PB for app. OS 2.0 is supposed to add an android player, and native email and calendar and that will make it an actual contender in my opinion. But right now the average app developer would be foolish to not develop for IOS or Android first (and if you are only interested in $$, then IOS users pay more than Android users do), and adding a 3rd into the mix all but ensures the PB gets left behind... There are plenty of Android tablets out there, so in my opinion having secure native apps is a good thing in that they could/should be more reliable / stable than many android apps, and then use the android player for the more fun stuff..

I really really hope OS 2.0 does release in Febm or I think BB will lose the my interest :(
Well the two co-chairs have stepped down and a German technocrat has been installed in the big chair. Unfortunately the drive, the vision, the determination, the imagination needed to define a new path for RIM seem to be absent. This is a change at the top but it doesn't matter how you stir the cake mix, they are the same ingredients and the same cake.
All that being said, if you are thinking of a 'Blackpad' run out now and take advantage of the special pricing available. You will be happy you did.
Just a quick quote, excellent post, thank you. I also liked TabletConnect's post in the first page of this thread, which includes:

RIM lost a great opportunity to get a true multitasking tablet on the market first. (Lets be honest Android 2.x is not a great multi-tasking OS on a tablet or even on a phone. My opinion.)
That's exactly what I feel. I am new to Android, purchased my first tablet (also my first 'droid) on Boxing Day.

The 2.2 Froyo running on my Le Pan does not feel as good to work with, less fluid and intuitive than the webOS running on my Palm Pre2 phone. Makes me wish for a Touchpad tablet, actually, I was looking on eBay earlier for prices. ;)
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