Is there a shanzhai/knockoff Iphone4 CDMA????


Dec 22, 2010
I figure out of any other forum, yall might be the best to answer :)

I currently have a contract w/ sprint that I am not willing to end early. Unfortunately sprint only takes CDMA phones, no sim cards :(

I really want an iphone 4 but I know there is no CDMA version from apple yet.

I have searched and searched but I have not yet found a knockoff/shanzhai version of iphone 4 (or any other for that matter!) that will use on a CDMA carrier... specifically SPRINT in the USA. I would really like iphone 4 but if not, are there any other iphone versions? I figure out of all the china makers at lease ONE must have made a cdma!!!

thanks in advance :)
we are an android site so i dont how we could help about apple products but there are alot of android phones that out perform the iphone maybe we can talk you into one of those if not you might want to check this site out All Iphone 4G Style Phone :
Even if you find one. There is one small issue i believe none of them have access to the apple apps store so whats the use, unless you just want to have a crippled lookalike.
What specifically is it about the iPhone 4? Odds are any knockoff wont meet that standard.