Is there an android app similar to text free for the ipad/ipod touch?


Dec 29, 2010
On the i-devices there is textfree which assigns you a phone number for free text messaging, anything like that for android?

Get a Google voice account and use gvoice. Works a treat!
how are you google voice on the NC? I have GV, just not sure how to connect the 2
There's a GV app: Google Voice - Android app on AppBrain I have it installed on the NC, and I can use it just like it runs on my Droid. The only minor catch of course is that the App will think the NC is a phone, so when you install it, just link the NC to one of the numbers you have in your GV account (I think I selected my office number). It will also ask which calls (domestic, international, etc.) you want to make from the NC--for this I selected "never call." Probably doesn't matter. ;)

Just did a few texts and they work great. The only catch is that contacts do not automatically populate in the To box. :( But I think there is a contact-hack for that: NookColor Making contacts work - nookDevs

lol - you posted and I figured it our at the same time - :) I think you psychic-ly helped me