Is there any 3rd party development for Malata tablet ?


Dec 22, 2010
Seems like there isnt any atm ?

I am still pondering on whether to purchase the malata tablet or notion INK.

I am a bit worried on the notion ink interface. I am afraid normal apps may not run on their custom-made interface and that they may take too long to introduce it to the market.

On the other hand , i am worried that honeycomb would not come to the malata tablet.
I thought there was. There are people on XDA with Malata tablets. Clockwork recovery is compatible. There are multiple custom ROMs based on the Viewsonic Gtablet ROMs TNT-Lite and others.

This forum claims to have official Malata support: EZ-PAD
That's interesting.
I'm new here and just about to order the Malata Zpad.

How would it work upgrading to honeycomb?

What clockwork recovery?

Will ROM's build for other tablets work on it? Is there such a thing as a generic ROM?

Sorry for all the Questions... I'm new. If there are previous threads on it, could you please posts the links here?

So I've read quite a bit on both this and xda forums about the Zpad. It appears as though the g-tablet roms are compatible. Also this Chinese site has Rom's specifically for the Z-pad. A guy on another forum originally found this.
Ya that's what i was trying to say. I'd say it's highly likely.