Just ordered woPad 7": Android 2.1 Tablet PC,MID, Multi-touch Capacitive Screen..


Dec 12, 2010
Just ordered an wopad for less than 200USD

woPad 7: Android 2.1 Tablet PC,MID, Multi-touch Capacitive Screen , 256MB DDR2 RAM, 600MH CPU, G-Sensor, Wifi, HDMI [H391] - US$188.99 : **********

Thanks everybody in this forum, you guys help me a lot.
I was entangled for a long time for which one is proper for me. After adequate guidance in here, i finally made up my mind. Anyone has already got the same tablet? Envy you!!!

Here is what it is:

Capacitive Screen
Android 2.1
360 Degree G-Sensor
3D Acceleration

Manufacture Specifications:
CPU: RK2818 ARM+DSP 600MHz
Memory: 256MB DDR
OS: Android 2.1
Screen: 7" Capacitive Multi-touch Screen (800*480px)
Hard drive: 4GB NAND FLASH (32GB max)
G-sensor: Yes
Camera: No
Instant Messaging Tools: QQ, MSN, SKYPE, E-mail, Youtube
Digital Photo Frame: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
MINI USB Port: USB cable 2.0
Card reader: TF Card
USB Port: Standard
Internet Browser: Google Browser
Battery: 3200MAH
Work time: 3 hours
External Microphone, 3.5mm Earphone
Language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Serbian, Thai and Arabic
Dimension: 195 x 119 x 14.3mm

Package List:
1 X woPad 7": Android 2.1 Tablet PC,MID, Multi-touch Capacitive Screen , 256MB DDR2 RAM, 600MH CPU, G-Sensor, Wifi, HDMI
1 X USB Cable
1 X Earphones
1 X Charger
1 X English Manual
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they said it is christmas holiday now, the express companies are all very slow, but my order will be shipped asap..
so it seems i can't receive my wopad until next year--//
Got mine several days ago (sorry I mean I got my wife's several days ago :)), initially the screen was way off off calibration and I couldn't enter the calibration mode but after fiddling for a while and fully charging it it came good and has been perfect for several days now. This is my first tablet so I can't really make any comparisons but the screen is excellent, the touch pad is very responsive and overall seems to be a very good package. The only issue I have is that I can't seem to buy apps even though I've registered through google, free apps are fine - working on that one.
Yes, it its dual core, but it is not the fastest chip in the world. I'm writing this from my wopad and i'm loving it. Don't buy it to play games though, it won't. Update to 2.2 might come some day, but for now it's just 2.1

And the one you're linking to has a resistive touchscreen, while the wopad has a capacitive touchscreen.

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Just a quick note for anyone thinking about getting one. It is a nice device that works fast. The capacitive screen is v nice and v responsive. I got mine from Merimobiles and they threw in a free floppy keyboard and several cables including the mini hdmi. It doesn't play angry birds but does have market and a ton of other games. For the price it is good value for money. Given that the market is going to be flooded with android tablets with capacitive screens this year, the price will no doubt fall even further.
has mine for about 3 weeks now... has a few minus' like youtube playing (need really strong wifi signal or wont work) ,angry birds wont work, and on the odd occasion i have had problems starting it but only momentarily... but all is good. I play poke online, read ebooks and do some general surfing with it and it does that well. :)

worth the money for sure.
so far found several problems:
1) the sound from the speaker is too low.
When you setup it to max, it can be hardly heard for most videos i tried (avi, mp4)
Music is a bit better, but any way it can be used only in a quiet room.

2) i was not able to run skype. It was installed successfully from the market but when i try to connect to it just hangs while trying to log in into service. Other applications (like browser and market) work just fine.

3) the last problem - acceleration axes are just mixed up. So when try to play any game with acceleration control it fails because when the device is tilted left the ball in a game goes direct. I tried with Labyrinth Ligth. Quite silly mistake :(

and one more point.
Could someone tell how to check the type of CPU a have on a board ? It looks like it is not Rockchip one. What should i see in Configuration info ??

Thanks in advance!!
Hi, I have a problem with my Wopad , when I started the wopad said * (proceso com.betterandroid.openhome2)so I can NOT get into the main menu. Can any help me