Keyboard Lag


Jun 24, 2011

Im a new android user :D, I bought the new galaxy tab 10.1 on Sunday and Im considering replace it by an iPad...

I had some problems syncing the tabled and my macbook (kies is now updated thanks this page for the news)..

One big problem is I noticed a lag in the keyboard when I write in forums, how can I solve it? :( Opera works great but I want to use the default one.

You may find the same problem with the wife has the Ipad and she says it also has lag if you are a really proficient digital typer. Just a quirk with tablets I think, Ipersonally do ot have a problem and I do not consider myself a slow digital typer.

I know this does not solve your problem but it is my experience. I am waiting for samsungs upgrade to swype which worls really fast with no lag.

Maybe if you turn off the tactile function it may work faster.
It is when your tablet/hone vibrates slightly when you hit a key.

Try downloading some keyboard apps. I would try swiftkey/thumb keyboard or swype
He wanted to use the original and that is why I suggested the other solutions. But HTC fan is correct, there are several good keyboards out there, look for Honeycomb compatible or optmized in the details