keyboard not working

Jan 31, 2012
Hi i have an archos 7o internet tablet. a 7 inch normal tablet on android 2.3......i recently bought a usb keyboard for this off amazon. when it arrived i realised my tablet has a mini usb slot not usb! I already had a wire with my tablet which was mini usb wire with a normal usb on the end (to connect it up to a laptop etc) So to get it connected i had to buy a connection, a middle piece, to insert both usb ends thus allowing me to connect the keyboard to my tablet.......hope your still with me! So to clarify i have a mini usb slot in the tablet. Out of that is a wire with a normal usb end, on that is a usb 'junction' piece, on that is a usb lead going into the keyboard.....

....waiting to get this sorted im excited to plug it all in....

.....onlyyyyy i have now done it nothing has happened!!! I try to type on anything and nothing happens. it didn't come up that the device recognised anything. there's a num lock and caps lock light that won't come on either. its as if nothing has happened....

Is there something i need to do? Im computer literate but in layman terms. im not a computer wizz kid!
Have you got 2 mini USB sockets? usually only one will accept a Keybboard. On the other hand your "wire" may not support your KB, you'd be better getting a standard to mini USB adapter and trying that.
The keyboard comes with a standard usb wire coming out of it. my tablet has a mini usb slot then a slightly bigger slot but not big enough for a standard usb if you know what i mean. So i used the wire i got with it then needed to attach a connector between the two. a female a to female a connector its called.
I used the same wire i got with the tablet to hook it up to my laptop and it works fine. you think maybe its the other of the two slots i need to use for the keyboard?
Sorry I misunderstood, what you have done is what I was meaning, but I can't understand why, if you only have one mini USB socket on the tablet, the KB isn't working. Have you looked in Settings to see if the KB has to be enabled there?
I have looked and the other slot on the tablet is just a mini hdmi slot. There's nowhere in settings for it. I've looked in the user guide answer im using the right host cable it says. it then goes on to say use this for keyboards etc. then underneath it says some standard use devices may not function if they consume too much this what's happening? Its a tiny bog standard keyboard in a leather case off amazon, cost 8 pound!! Is there anything i can do??.....thanks
Are you quite sure that you don't have Settings>Language and Keyboard>Android Keyboard?