Kindle App for Android Tablet - Problems since required update loaded


Jul 1, 2012
I had just started really using my Acer Tablet after getting the free Kindle App recently. I bought a memory card, installed it and went to town loading books. Everything worked wonderfully until last week when in the middle of reading a book I had to close out to take care of my mom for a few minutes. When I came back, opened the Kindle up again, I was required to re-register and download the update. Now, here are all the things that don't seem to work any more.

1. Have to be right next to the WiFi router to get any internet. Before, I could be anywhere in our house (small house) and pick up the WiFi just fine.

2. Downloaded books are not showing up right away. Before, I just had to turn on the tablet and they loaded. Now, if they show up at all I have to make it sync and check for new downloads. Even at that, I am not always getting the books to show up.

3. Deleting a book. It will only allow me to delete a book from the download section, and then it only moves it to the archived section. I cannot get rid of a book doing anything that I try. If I set it to the Anything section, it shows all the books I have loaded, but then when I click on remove, it bounces back to the download screen.

4. Deleting the Kindle App. I cannot even delete the app. I click on it to remove the app, but nothing happens.

I have been to the Kindle forum, several other postings are showing similar experiences and problems, but no answers or help. Anyone here have any suggestions?