Kindle App Glitch on Arnovas


Jan 16, 2012
I've got both a 7 G2 and a 10 G2 and this happens on both.

The Kindle app at first gives the appearance of having installed correctly, which it no doubt has. The trouble lies with the Arnova's status bar, which refuses to disappear when using this app, (although it does for 'Gallery' when viewing photos so it must be possible).

At first I thought it was me becoming dyslexic as I couldn't seem to make any sense of what I was reading, then I realised that the status bar totally masks to top line of every single page that doesn't have a chapter heading.

I've tried altering the print size and the margins within the app but to no avail.

There doesn't seem to be an answer to the problem without going for one of the custom firmwares which allows for adjustable transparency of the status bar. I'm not prepared to 'root' a tablet just for the sweet running of one app, so reluctantly I've uninstalled it, and will have to make sure I use e-pub files instead on something like Aldiko.