Arnova 7 and 10 G2 - Making Skype work complete with video.


Jan 16, 2012
Many people have tried to get video calls via Skype to work on their Arnova G2s only to give in and stick to voice calls. This is a shame because the web-cam's not fit for much else! It would seem from reading around other forums (sorry) that there's a problem with the Arnovas only having one camera, i.e. the web-cam at the front.

The workaround seems to be to search out a former version of the Skype software which ironically was designed for mobile phones with only a rear-facing camera, or in our case only one camera.

Look for a version of the app called "signedSkype20047.apk". It doesn't take long to find, and transfer this manually to your tablet in 'mass storage USB' mode. Later, with the USB link removed, locate the file with 'Files' or any other File Manager and run it. Of course, you don't ever want to allow it to be updated!

This does indeed work for both the 7 G2 and the 10 G2, as I have both and have set a call up between them. There's just one other problem - whilst the video works well enough with the usual picture-in-picture of both of you, you can't initially hear eachother. This, I think is because the sound cuts out to prevent a 'feedback' howl. You can overcome this by wearing headphones - you don't need a pair with a mike built in though; the mike in the tablet does its job OK.


May 19, 2012
Great tip, I'll have to try it out. Was looking for a way to use Skype video since my laptop doesn't have a camera.