Kogan Agora 8 - apps which work / don't work


Nov 25, 2011
As this tablet just appeared on the UK market there's not much out there about it yet so I thought I'd start a thread here on my experiences with it. Seems pretty good so far. Here's my list of apps that work nicely on it:

Farm Tower
250 + Solitaire Collection
Tangram Moment
Solitaire (Mobility Ware)
Hearts Free (AI Factory)
Android Tablets Forum app
Juice Defender
Plume for Twitter
Aldiko Book Reader
Words for Free (lower part of screen obscured by letter tray on full screen view)
Dolphin HD - excellent browser
Greedy Spiders
Where's my water
App2SD - not able to transfer to external SD card
Documents to go
Open Office
Jewels Maze
Talking Ben
Talking Tom
vLauncher - but no text beneath icons in Landscape mode
ES File Explorer - need to upgrade the included version to access external SD card
Beautiful Widgets
Power Amp
Spotify - but quits often when creating playlists
Google Reader
Wind-up Knight
Google Maps - Android market shows it as incompatible with the Agora but it installs and loads fine after downloading the apk

I mainly play cards and games with the grandchildren! Here's my list of apps that I couldn't get to work and would like to:

LCD Density
Spider Solitaire HD - installs but crashes
Drop - no accelerometer so none of this type of game will work on the Agora
AppBrain App Market
Task Changer
Carcassonne - loads and runs but text illegible
ESPN Goals - app market won't allow me to download to the Agora, strange as it downloads and runs on my HTC phone running the same version of Android

I'll add to this list as I go along and would love to hear from any other Agora 8 owners with their experiences.
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I've had the Agora 8 tablet for a few days now and am seriously impressed with it. Some apps don't work - see above - but there are enough that do to make it a seriously useful item. Reviews that I read before buying stressed that it ain't no iPad. Clearly it ain't. But if you start with that perspective it's surprising just how good it is. No crashes yet. Speed is pretty good for games. Wifi speed is perfectly acceptable. Photo quality and video quality are good. I'll say more about this as I gain more experience with this tablet and will write a full review of it in the reviews section in due course. First impressions certainly very favourable.

Update - had my first freeze but very simple to fix with reset button.
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Still very happy with this tablet. Fitted 32gb external micro sd card. The tablet recognised and mounted the card immediately. I needed to update supplied version of ES File Explorer in order to access the card. Now plays media from the card with no problem.
I'd like to install flash on my kogan but adobe says i have an ipad, can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation!
I'd like to install flash on my kogan but adobe says i have an ipad, can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation!

I just got my agora 8 on Thursday & have had the same issue. According to a couple of other forums, there are two separate issues going on here.

the ipad issue can be resolved from your browser settings. Using the menu soft key & the more option, go down to settings. Once there look for the user agent. That tells web pages what sort of device you're using and it seems to have been set as ipad. just change that to default & you should be sorted.

The way around flash is to download it (version 10.1 for android) from your computer onto your sd card or a USB stick and from there onto your tablet. A word of warning, though, other forums have warned against connecting anything memory sources containing valuable data such as hard drives to the agora. It seems that it can format them. Beware.

Hope that helps.

My main gripe at the moment is that the Android Market I am getting access to is minute in relation to what it should be. The web based market is much more extensive, but everything I want to download from it results in a "this is incompatible with your device" message.

Any ideas on that one?

CW :)
Flash works OK for me with 10.1. Regarding the shrunken Android Market, this is an issue for me too but I've found that I can find most free apps on websites. For paid apps, I can usually download to my HTC phone but I haven't figured how to copy them to my Kogan - probably need to root the phone to do this.
Why Flash 10.1, later versions not compatible?

I emailed Kogan Stuart there replied that he saw no reason why others shouldn't work but they'd only tested up to 10.1...... so i installed that one on my Kogan 8".

edtaa ...... which version of App2SD did you use ? I use infolife version on my HTC desire but it says 'incompatible with this device' if i try to download it to the Kogan.
hi edtaa, thanks for your post. I noticed that you installed "Where's my water", how did you manage it? I get this is not compatible.

Also have you managed to get iplayer installed on top of your flash installation.
I have loaded the latest flash apk and it works great. Some children's games and talking books now play, as they did not with 10.1
Hi all, I've just bought a Kogan 8 tablet, it's the first android device I've had and know next to nothing about them tbh. I got it because it was only £65 and seemed like a good entry level. All I want to do with it really is go on the internet, (which is fine) and use the bbc Iplayer and Sky Go apps. Ive downloaded the 10.1 flash but the bbc player still isn't working properly, it loads up ok but when I try to watch something I just get the spinning circle but it doesn't go to the programme. As for Sky Go, well i've installed a couple of different apk's that i found online, the app loads fine and I was able to register the device to my sky account, but when i try to watch something it says it needs upgrading but then obviously fails to find the upgrade. Will I ever be able to use Sky Go and Iplayer on this device or was it a waste of money?
I've downloaded flash 11 and the BBC Iplayer is now working. Other apps that I've got working well on this tablet are sky sports news, facebook, ebay, yahoo. Games I've got on it are flow (excellent game) draw something, pinball, temple run, marble blast 2, slider block, plumber, word feud, poker king pro. + a few others

Apps for younger kids - Kaleidoscope drawing pad, kids doodle

I know I'll never get sky go on it, so will have to just use my Iphone for that. Can anyone tell me what kind of tablet I will need to be able to use sky go?


*edit - I've also rooted this tablet so I could delete the annoying 3g phone thing, most of the battery's power was being used to look for a cell signal??? Whats that all about? Why don't the devs take this out before selling these things?
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Little update - I've found loads of apps that will d/l straight from the store. These are the ones I think are the best.


Flow - fantastic puzzle game, if you like puzzle games get this. Simple, addictive, fun.
Dropword - It's a word game, its free, its brilliant. Get it.


Dolphin - just so much better than the default one


Sky Sports News
BBC Iplayer (using flash 11)

There are loads more, but these are the ones I like the best atm.