Kyros 9742 Factory Resets on Every Reboot


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Mar 24, 2014
Hi Guys, i have a Kyros 9742 and i have been going through forums for days trying to figure this out. I'll start by explaining that this tablet was given to me by a friend who did not want it. it collected dust in his house. when he gave it to me he had done something to it to allow it to use the google play store. I had given it to my wife so she and my son could use it as a netflix tablet. i installed netflix, mx player, and some children's games. typically my wife would power it off when they were done using it. One day while i was at work she messaged me to say that it had reset itself. When i got home to see it i realized that it had completely factory reset. On top of that when i try to turn it off an then on again, it hangs on either the Coby logo or the android logo about 90 percent of the time when i turn it back on. i have to constantly turn it off and on until i get it to boot into android and i haven't figured out what happens to make it actually boot in, i am just glad i know it still can. the problem is when i do get in, i set it back up and go into the play store and it wont download apps. it just sits there acting like its getting ready to download. i have seen this before on devices that do not have enough memory. i go into storage and find that it is listing two different internal memory sections, the top one says i have a total of about 32 MB with 0 available and the other section shows i have a little over 4 GB free. and if i turn it off at all, the next time i can actually get it to boot up, it comes back up as if it were factory reset again. i have tried doing a factory reset from within the settings and nothing changes the situation. i can get into recovery by holding power and volume down, and i try wiping cache and doing a factory reset there too, but still the tablet remains unstable. The recovery says "android system recovery <3e>" so i can tell i dont have CWM installed, but i am thinking i have root because when it is on i can use adb to do lots of things and i do have the superuser app installed by default as well. I have asked the guy that gave it to me how he got this to be able to use the play store originally but he doesnt remember. I asked him if he used the infamous "Livesuit" but when he looked it up he said it did not look familiar, but he insists it was very easy to do for someone who has never rooted anything before that. He claims it was simply running a program from his computer with the device connected. i would like to try and install cwm and maybe a fresh rom but i have read the warnings on this forum about using the root tool with a livesuit image. i am confused and hoping someone can help. i would really like to be able to give this back to my wife so they can watch netflix and we cannot afford to buy a tablet. i dont know how to tell if i have a livesuit rom but i am comfortable using adb or running various tools on windows, and i have intermediate skills using Linux command line, although i normally use windows when i plug in an android device. I am grateful for anyones help with this. Also, thank you for reading this whole thing.


Feb 10, 2014
You might have better luck on another thread, but here are a couple pointers:

It's a good guess your friend flashed the tab with LiveSuite, it's one of the first things that comes up when Googling problems with Coby tablets. He was lucky he had the same hardware version as Steev who developed the LiveSuite ROM.

I was in exactly the same boat, except that my tablet was functioning. Rather than using the Windows ADB tools, I was able to flash the CWM recovery with ADB under Linux; it worked a charm. Since you are already familiar with Linux you should have no problems installing the Android SDK and "platform tools" (including ADB). Drivers turn out to be no problem under Linux. Read Vampirefo wrote the guide for the 7042 but all is the same except the files involved. I strongly recommend you read the entire thread, and maybe twice.

There is a newer development now, also courtesy Vampirefo: CWM recovery, flipped right-side-up, and flashable with the stock recovery: Were I in your shoes, I would start here.

In case you had not noticed, the state of development for the 9742 is quite good, almost entirely because of the efforts of Vampirefo and Traveller1701.

Good luck!