Linked account apparently NOT required to root.


Feb 12, 2011
I've been lurking since I bought my NC in Nov and I finally got around to rooting my NC today using autonooter 3.0.0. I forgot about linking to Youtube first but everything seems to work first time thru. I don't know if Youtube will work but that does'nt matter to me since I don't use it anyway. I,ve installed most of the recommended apps and the few I've tried seem to work. I also didn't enter all the info to link to my gmail account, just did a sync gmail as directed by the NC, that worked also.
Linking your account has nothing to do with 'rooting' since the act of rooting the Nook just allows adb access and installs supersuser so you can do things you couldn't before. All of the linking steps are there to ensure a good association between the device and the Android Market.

Is your market working as it should?
I brought up the linked account because all of the instructions for rooting require a linked account.
So far it is. I installed about a dozen apps.
That's true, but I also think that with 1.10 and using autonooter 3.0, it included the market whereas earlier methods did not. I will look into that and see.

I'm not sure what's different about it. Maybe they didn't know something was different. I will play with this later when I get into testing rooting methods. It's on my to-check list!
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I don't think auto booted 3.0has new was the pre-root 1.1rom that had new market

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