Live Wallpaper - did I miss this somewhere?


Jan 2, 2011
I have been playing with my Sylvania tablet trying to add all the apps and stuff that I wanted, and I have rooted mine and added the Android Marketplace amongst other things.

One thing that I wanted from the beginning though, was live wallpaper, but I could only find questions and no solutions.

Just now though, I found a site with the LiveWallpapersPicker on it, and upon adding that to my tab - live wallpaper!

Still experimenting, but it seems to work as I am running the 'Matrix' live wallpaper right now.

Has anybody else tried this? Just wondering what works and what doesn't, don't really like trial and error much...


Nov 24, 2010
most of the stock live wallpapers don't work. but once you have it installed you can grab anything from the market that is supposed to work with 2.1 and you're golden. I ditched live wallpaper on mine after a short while due to the slow down from running them.