local.prop file options


Jan 13, 2011
as per discussed at XDA
enable some hidden system setting - xda-developers

If you create a /data/local.prop file in root with this inside

then the soft buttons move from the right hand of the screen "into" the notification bar. Really it looks like it shrinks the notification bar and wraps the buttons around the notification bar because "updates" show over the newly located buttons

When using ADW launcher's "system persistent" option (rotates screen counter clockwise 90degrees) keeps the "launcher" on the right and keeps button bar to the far right... reboot and the buttonbar goes south (where i want it to stay) I can then use back menu and home but as soon as i leave home (press search button/load app tray) the buttonbar moves to the far right and the ADW launcher moves top side... everything rotates counter clockwise

I believe this has something to do with the following attributes:

init.A70H.rc says that these variables "# (must be in sync with frameworks/base/core/java/android/view/Surface.java) "
the default value is setprop ro.board.display_portrait 3

How do we keep these variables in sync?
Is there a quick fix to set in the local.prop file?
Can we provide more options for the local.prop file than XDA? :p
How are you modifying your local.prop?

playing again...
ro.board.display_portrait 2
ro.board.rotation_portrait 2
both of these do NOTHING on reboot fyi ;)
also, if anyone knows where we can see all values for "ro.board" it would be great to have a master list of all variables so we can start ticking digit by digit :D
AH HA! (so far)
using ro.board.rotation_portrait=1
ADW "system persistent"
android settings "Auto-rotate screen" set to "off"
and the launcher remains on the right side
with the buttonbar across the bottom

next step, resize so its not so large!