Home Launchers?!? Likes, dislikes and everything in between


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Jan 8, 2011

Wanted to start a thread devoted to Home Launchers...many of us have our favorites...and those we just can't stand.

I like trying new things, so I thought if we could consolidate and have a topic on nothing but Home Launchers.

I love Zeam...the fact that I can load up that dock and keep my screen as clutter free as possible is a BIG plus for me.

The last couple days I have been trying out Open Home...

It is different.

It has some really cool options like a favorites tray (its the blue button on the right that looks like a dresser) which works kinda like the dock in Zeam.

It gives the battery level as a percentage in the bottom right (which is much better than the little battery icon in phiremod or the stock ROM)

It also has a browser button by the battery display (the globe in the lower right corner) but i can't find a way to set it to default to anything other than the default browser.

The blue arrow on the left is a google search function

The frosted bar at the bottom (kinda looks like a spacebar) is to open your full app drawer

Some of the other cool things about it are: You can hide apps (from displaying in the app drawer) so if you installed a keyboard (like I have better keyboard 8 installed) but I don't want to see it in my app drawer.

It can use different themes (which change some icons like the arrow for the search, the dresser for the favorites, etc.)

It comes with a clock widget, a weather widget, and some others.

You can create folders, labels each screen, and hide the notification bar.

One of the big drawbacks, its not free in the market.

another con is that it wants to take up a lot of realestate with its widgets...you can resize the area it wants, but often times it shrinks the widget or cuts part of it off.

There is a lite version on the market, or it can be found on applanet if you want to check it out.

So, are there any other cool Home Launchers out there? and which one(s) are your favorite? and which one's can't you stand?
Mine in ZEAM.

Will use Open Home and let you know.

BTW nice thread :)
I like zeam but use launcher pro for the widgets and resizing options. I just restored back to phiremod beta 2. May try open home tonight... Or find a widget app for zeam.
Zeam and Honeycomb

They just feel like they have more of a tablet setup to me. For some reason I feel like tablets should have task/info bars across the bottom and phones across the top.
There is a standalone version of ADW that makes the interface look like HTC Sense, with the curved bottom bar and all. Someone over at XDA modded ADW. I use to have it on my Droid. I'll see if it works with Nook.
I've tried a few but Zeam just works the best for my taste. I am using it now on my droid too.

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Here is an xda link on standalone themed launcherpros. I have the paid version of lp and these themes look sweet. They must be installed as a standalone app. So if u already have launcherpro installed you must uninstall it first. I am working on a cool honeycomb themed desktop. I will post screens later.

[THEME|MOD] 02.24.11 signals23 LauncherProPlus widgets **MORE COLORS** - xda-developers

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Nice, will have to try on the NC. Thanks.
So far the themed LP works pretty good, but the Zeam dock is still the best. Some of Open Homes features look cool too.

Here is what mine looks like with the themed blue Honeycomb Launcherpro. I have the paid version, which you need in order to use LP widgets (twitter, bookmarks, etc.) and resize widgets.

On my Droid 2 I have preferred launcherpro plus from day one. This is true with my Droid 1 as well. However, on my nook color I prefer adw ex. The performance is noticeably better than the others I've tried on my NC.
Curious - what's the deal with ADW? I absolutely LOVE ADW EX on my Droid X but seems like people don't like it so much on the NC? (mine's in the mail)