Locked In Boot Loop


Apr 11, 2018
Hi i have a samsung galaxy tab 2 that is stuck in a boot loop But the main problem is that the system Will Not Let you Write to it it, will not do factory reset ,nor will android restore work ,both of those repairs go thru the process but when you reboot it stays the same, also i tried to reflash system using the correct rom and flash tool it says it passed but when rebooted, the old system is still there any thoughs on this problem, I even tyried to remove some of the apps which said thety were removed but after a reboot they come back its like the nan flash has a lock out on it ????. Thanks


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
That almost sounds like a locked bootloader, except the tab 2 doesn't have a locked bootloader. The symptoms you describe are usually signs of a failed EMMC (i.e. flash memory) chip. I would have someone good at repairs take a look at the tablet.