looking for 7" tablet...only condition-- Durable battery and standby time


Oct 21, 2011
Hy guys, i need your help and support. I'm loking for tablet and i'm not too picky, but all tablet i have saw have very low standby time. Can you recommend me some tablets from ebay(since i'm from croatia and shipping is costly) that have standby time more than 6 hours,,,i would really like some 3 or more days stand by time...if you can please help me... Price range----let's just say, the cheaper i can get

thanks in advance
get a nook color, root it and then install full android on it.
i also feel 7" is better for me, and am looking at the Acer A100. Seems to be great dor my needs. Any thoughts?
The only real downside of the Acer a100 is relatively short battery life. Nook color is good, great value, but more for a person who enjoys tinkering with their device as well as useing it. The HTC Flyer is going for $299 now, and I think it has longer battery life than most tablets.

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