Recommended Android Tablets


Sep 23, 2010
Hi Guyz,

i'm actually looking for an Android Tablet to enter the World of Android. Some of u already reviewed one or more Android Tablets so i want to profit of your experience.

If possible i would like to get an capacitive touchscreen with 10,2" and Android2.1/Android 2.2 at low price - but i think this is the dream of everyone ;)

Are there any devices which you could highly recommend? Is there need of capacitive touchscreens or are restitive ones are working well?

Actually i'm thinking about buying the ePad but the resistive touchscreen and a mentioned standby time of arround 6h are scaring me.

thanks in advance,
So it looks like the best tablets coming soon are the Velocity Cruz Tablet ($300, 4 gig internal with 8 gig SDcard bundled, No information on CPU?, 512 Ram, Android 2.1, Capacitive touch screen), Elocity A7($370, 4gig internal, NVIDIA Tegra II T‐20, 1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 512ram, Android 2.2, Capacitive touch), Archos 70 ($275 8 gig, 1GhzARM Cortex A8, 256 Ram, Android 2.2, Capacitive multitouch screen)

The Archos 70 is cheapest but only has 256 Ram as per the Archos Forum (It's not listed on the website), has 8 gig onboard memory
The Velocity comes with most memory with 4 gig onboard and 8 gig card added but no information listed on CPU and it only has Android 2.1
The Elocity A7 claims its the fastest with NVidia CPU but its also nearly $100 more than the Archos.
you might want to wait a bit. with samsung, htc, acer, motorola, dell etc. introducing android tablets very soon with either gingerbread or a modified chrome os, your patience will be rewarded.