Looking for 7 to 10" video/music player


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Dec 8, 2010
I'm looking for a 7 to 10" media player or mp4 player for a lady at work, that is more visual than textual. Long story short, I was showing her my NC today since she is always reading books during her lunch or breaks. She was very impressed and really like the NC. Then see told me she got her 10 year old granddaughter, who has cerebral palsy and has a hard time reading, a Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet for Christmas. She brought it so her granddaughter could watch movies and listen to music. They ended up taking it since the touch was horrible and being a tablet, it was way too complicated for her needs. She is really looking for a device that will display album covers for songs and a gallery type interface for music and videos. Since her gd can't read and for what she wants a device to do, I suggested she look into a personal media player or mp4 player with some size. I haven't ruled out the NOOKcolor but I'm not too sure I can simplify one enough and video playback still needs some work.

So does anyone know of a good media player for video, pics and music that is very simplistic in nature to operate for a 10" year old with

So far I've only found the: Aluratek Cinepal APMP100F Personal Media Player
Amazon.com: Aluratek Cinepal APMP100F Personal Media Player: Electronics
..but can't find much in the way of video showing what the different galleries look like.

Yes the Ipad was though of and she did like it. Unfortunately it's out of her price range.

Sorry if this thread is improper for at.net but I wanted you guys opinion.
Hello, maybe a digital multi-media photo frame is her real needs?
It seems like a multi-media photo frame is the only choice for 7 to 10" screen, of course, except for tablet pc.
maybe you can check the following link to find what you want: Home Digital Photo Frames - LCD Digital Picture Album - Multi Digital Photo Browser DPF
and here's one with movie function Movie Function,8 inch LCD Screen Digital Photo Frame
hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestion, although the Aluratek seems to be a better option at the moment.