Looking for Adobe flash available Android Tablet under $200


Aug 19, 2010
1. Has to be under $200 or =

2. Adoble flash player / I heard about app called flash for 21 which is app that runs adoble flash on 2.1 OS..... so if u know tablet that can run this app.... TELL ME

3. 4 or more hrs of battery life

4. micro or just SD support

5. micro or regular size usb port at least 1

or nice tablet that can upgrade its OS to 2.2/Froyo

IT has to work.... I'm a student and $200 is big money for me..... so recommend me
tablet that works 100% and has at least 3months warrnty
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About the only tablet that is availible with the given requirements is the wits a81e. The firmware is buggy, it is running both android 2.2 and windows ce 6.0. Has a modified flash capability ( some sites are not optimized for mobile flash, but still play.) And starts out at about $199 plus shipping. Only real downside is how difficult it is to find and get one of these due to their popularity.

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