Looking for an Android tablet


Jun 24, 2010
So I've only been doing research for a short period of time, but is it true there is no real Android Tablets right now? What I mean by that is are they all made over seas from small or sub companies with no real support?

I heard rumors of a Google/Verizon one possibly in the near future that would work a lot like the iPad does with AT&T, but it was unconfirmed last time I looked it up.

Tell me if this exists...If I was to get an Android Tablet right now, I'd need a processor that could hit (with OCing) 1.0+Ghz and can do everything my Droid can do right now. Android 2.1+ is a must also, with the idea that it would support Flash (either right out of the box or with an update). that's the bare specs I'd need (I left out other things that are a given, of course)

Thanks guys, i look forward to watching the Android Tablet world grow with you guys!


Jun 19, 2010
Right now there is no such tablet...but I do expect in the near future to be a few such tablets. Don't know exactly when...but let's say 6-8 months.