Looking for Development Tablet Recommendataions, Please


Oct 17, 2010

In July, I decided to move the family from Verizon to Sprint and everyone ended up with the HTC EVO 4G. Everyone (3 of us) loves this phone. While we've had to do factory data resets (Sprint's solution to everything and when that fails, they simply say sorry), we're still happy. I'm especially impressed by the Android operating system and hardware.

I've been a professional computer programmer for 35+ years and would like to try my hand developing some Android applications. I've got an idea or two, but don't want to use my EVO 4G as the development device. I don't mind using it as a testing device once I've got the application alpha tested.

Yeah, I know there is the emulator, but IMHO it isn't the same. I'm also aware of the Google dev phone 1 and 2, but . . . the application isn't phone specific. I'm wanting it to work on tablets as well as phones.

Hence, I'd like to get some recommendations on Android tablets. Honestly, I looked around but there are soooo many of them and I suspect it is "buyer beware!" I'd like to learn from other people and not take advanced courses from "The University of Hard Knocks."

I'm thinking I will end up with at least two (2) tablets on which to work and once done there I'll try it out on my phone. I suspect I'm looking for "high-end" systems, which multiple features / devices built into them.

I hesitate to be specific, as I don't want to eliminate a tablet because it fails to miss one or two items. This is why I suspect I'll end up with more than one device.

I will say I want it to run (or be upgradeable to) Android 2.2.

I'm not looking to spend money needlessly. I mean, I don't think I'll need a disk drive or specialty items. I'm looking for systems that are fast development systems with good features.

Bert Moshier
Chicago, IL