M009s unable to connect to WIFI


Jan 18, 2012

I have a brand new M009s . The info is as follows:
Model Number M009F
Android version 2.3.3
Kernal version
Build number GRI40

The tablet connects to the router via Ethernet with no problems at all. However WiFi is a different story.

The router is using WEP, there are no spaces in the SID, the router is a netgear connecting to the SKY network.

The tablet finds the network, gets through the the WEP and starts to obtain an IP address, after a few seconds it disconects, and then reconnects ad nauseum!

I have tried setting the advanced setting to a static IP address, but the WiFi app seems to completely ignore these manual settings

I am probably doing something stupid, but I can't see what!

Any help would be greatly apprecuiated!


how did you even get it to connect to ethernet? mine has no ethernet port???? cant get online at all.
this unit must be a m009s or modified m009s ( i've seen some sellers label this as a m009f) you are correct that the m009f does not come with this adapter that has the ethernet port on it. i am currently trying to figure out a way to connect via hard wire (ethernet) have you come up with anything yet?