m701 andoid 2.1 bad flash HELP!!!!!!


Oct 16, 2010
i have a
HaiPad MID M701 Multi touch android 2.1 1080p HDMI
and have just tryed to flash new firmware on FWDN V7--v2.10 with 9-18pm15
all seemed to go OK
but on reboot the splash screen comes up and then a :s (mole with a yellow beak) icon in the top left hand Conner after about 20 seconds the screen gos blank
iv left it for 20 mints but nothing :mad:
i tryed re flashing again but in FWDN the area map stays blank and the probing device shows nothing
iv tryed just usb on PC and i get 4 drives come up with no media or drive properties of
0KB :(
i dont think it is bricked because of the splash screen ( fingers crossed ) but am now at a loss of what to try now
please help if you can thanks for looking if not ;)
OMG all i had to do was leve it on and flaten battery then reflash it :O:O:O:O:O
if you never make a mistake you will never learn anything ;)