M701 Touchscreeen and Market Problems


Dec 29, 2010
Hello all, I just got my girl a M701 for x-mas and I am having some troubles with it. The biggest issue is the touchscreen....it will work fine for a little while then it seems to uncallibrate itself. I will have to touch above and to the side of what ever icon I want to select, and the only way to make it work again is to reset the device. The other issue is with the marketplace, I can view it just fine but when I choose to download something it will give me an error and say the download failed. I know it is not failing due to lack of storage, and I have been all over the settings to figure it out but no luck. I have seen some post about updating the firmware on it, but all of the links to the firmware(s) lead to a u.115.com site and it always says that the file does not exist. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix these issues or know where I can get proper firmware please let me know. Thanks for the help!
Have you tried to calibrate the screen in the settings? Is there a gap between the screen and the casing? If so take a junk toothbrush and brush in the gap. There may be something stuck in there.

As for apps, most of the time the official app store will not work without a hack. If you want a third party app store check out SAM SAM | SlideME

Don't know about the firmware. Sorry!
There is no callibrate screen in the settings, wish there was though. I'll check out the SAM thing tho thanks.
Ok then. How does the strength/flexibility of the case feel? maybe you are twisting the case and pressing the screen? I am out of ideas.