MID 1125 Question - Used daprospecta Method


Mar 13, 2012
SOLVED- Amazing... I actually read through every post in his thread and found the fix

Long Story short I installed Market using steps from daprospecta Post located HERE. Now that might have been my first Mistake since this was for a 7022 and I have a MID 1125. Everything went great, a few changes here and there however the one change that is driving me crazy is the Home button, round button on the right side, will not return me to my home screen. I have to use the back button to back out of anything. I might be lazy by wanting the home button to work but what good is technology if it is not to create simple methods to make me lazy!

I am open to any suggestions on taking steps to correct this. I poked my nose around in the key lay outs under the system file. Just not sure what I am looking at.

Should I reset this (Not sure how) to the factory settings and start over using a different method that probably works with the 1125? All I want is my Market to function and at the same time the home button to function!!!

Thanks for your time and any help.
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